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Velo Arthouse On CafePress

We have just launched a new store on CafePress.  Velo Arthouse offers many unique designs, many of them cycling inspired and all of them original.  Head on over and check it out.


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Review: MSI Wind U100 Netbook

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Rolling Through The ‘Burbs Again

The heat radiating off the asphalt in every direction, the relentless traffic and noise.  This is it, this is suburban cycling.  Riding on the great black expanse of road, nary a tree in sight and always on the lookout for that driver who is chatting on his cell phone.  Talk about living life on edge, the urban core has nothing on the suburban cyclist.  We ride amongst the worse traffic there is, Joe Average who is just focused on getting home and planting his fat ass in front of the television.  These drivers aren’t looking out for bicycles, they are concentrating on that evenings network lineup or pay-per-view event.  When you climb on your bicycle in the suburbs you had better be focused and prepared to dodge.  Bike lanes be damned, these drivers will casually cross into the bike lane or shoulder of the road and then swerve back again like nothing happened.  Intersections become potential kill boxes for the cyclist who lets his guard down.  So come out to the suburbs and bike the mean streets with us.

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