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Bicycle Commuting With Nature

I’m sure I am not the only bicycle commuter in the world who pedals into work before sunrise.  Riding your bike early in the morning is great because you typically have the rode to yourself and are less apt to have to worry about accidents involving other vehicles.  I really like it but I have to admit that I sometimes feel a little uneasy when I happen to cross paths with nature, as in, wild animals.

You see part of my commute takes me right beside a large green space here in Beaverton and on more than one occassion I have been graced with the company of a coyote or deer.  For the most part these animals have left me alone but at least twice I have had a coyote trot alongside of me for about a block.  Now by trotting alongside of me I do not mean it was extremely close, I mean that I was on one side of the road and it was on the opposite side but it clearly followed me.  The rational side of me keeps saying that I have nothing to worry about because unless the beast was rabid I can’t see that it would view me as prey plus I am fairly certain I could outrun it on my bike.  But still, every so often I do get a little uneasy even if I haven’t seen one in a while.

I’m just wondering who else out there is in a similar situation during their bike commute.  I suppose that I’d rather continue to run into coyotes rather than a sketchy human any day.


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