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Single Speed Project: 01

This is a reprint of a series of three posts I made last year that documented my conversion of a 2006 Gary Fisher Opie to a single speed mountain bike. This is post 1 of 3.


My 2007 Gary Fisher Opie has served me well for these past couple of years. With over 3000 miles on the stock components, time and use have started to take its toll. I’ve wanted to go single speed for a while and this was a great opportunity to convert my Opie rather than pay out to replace the aging components.

Here is the beginning of the project with the front and rear derailleurs already removed as well as the brakes and cables and chain.

conver1.jpg conver2.jpg conver3.jpg

While I had everything stripped off I took the opportunity to give the frame and wheels a good cleaning, you can imagine the sort of road grime that accumulates over time.


And of course, this old cassette is no longer needed.


There are many options on how to proceed with a conversion using a frame with standard vertical dropouts and I decided to go with the kit sold at Performance Bike. Plus it was on sale! So I’ll be back shortly to let you know how this turns out.


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