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Single Speed Project: 02

This is a reprint of a series of three posts I made last year that documented my conversion of a 2006 Gary Fisher Opie to a single speed mountain bike. This is post 2 of 3.


The actual conversion was pretty quick and straightforward. With all of the components and cabling removed it was just a matter of installing the chain tensioner to the frame.


I had to make a few minor adjustments when it came to installing the spacers and single cog onto the rear hub but that too was a painless and quick process.


I was surprised that I really didn’t have to do too much adjustment to get a straight chainline from the front ring to the rear.


With everything installed, tightened and adjusted I took my newly converted single-speed Opie out for a spin. It road like a dream and felt like a brand new bike. At the moment I have kept the original triple crank on the front, the chain rings are riveted on so I’ll have to replace them with a new set. I’ve settled on a 34/18 gear setup for now but the conversion kit came with a 16t, 18t and 20t cogs so I can change it up later if needed.


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