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Bike Fenders For A Lemond Fillmore

I was asked recently for an opinion regarding the type and style of fenders that would be suited to a Lemond Fillmore. Due to the frame construction it is hard to find a set of full fenders to mount on the Fillmore but I finally came across the SKS Race Blade Fenders. The Race Blades were easy to install with good documentation in the packaging. Rubber feet at the end of the fender mounts are placed on the fork and seat stays of the bike to hold the fenders up. You move these feet up and down the frame until you get to just the right place to give you clearance. Once you have them positioned, you hook their rubber bands with wholes punched at regular intervals on the fender feet and wrap the rubber band tightly around your fork and stays to keep the fenders in place. After you have gotten the right tightness, you cut any excess rubber band to keep it out of your wheels and give a clean look. Extra rubber bands are included in case you mess up or want to put them on other sized bikes.

The rubber feet do a remarkable job of holding the fenders in place and once I had them properly adjusted they stayed put throughout my daily commute. They are not full fenders but even in the rainy Oregon winter I never had a problem with them. No black stripe up my back and the front fender was more than adequate in keeping road spray out of my face.

While not giving the full coverage of traditional fenders, the SKS Race Blades offer a legitimate option for cyclists using a road bike for commuting and general transportation. I’m definitely keeping these for the foreseeable future.


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