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On The Platform:No Train

The schedule is posted, I check the day and confirm which stop I am at. I look at my watch and my cell phone to confirm the time. The schedule for Sunday at Elmonica Way MAX clearly states that a westbound MAX is due to arrive at 5:02AM. I’ve been standing on the platform since 4:55AM and it is now 5:13AM. No train in sight. I glance across the parking lot into the rail yard and I can see a train with its lights on. I am hoping this is the one but I can clearly see the banner on the side is red which means a Red Line train that is heading east and I work in Hillsboro which is in the opposite direction.

I’m a little pissed, especially since yesterday I had read an article talking about how Tri-Met General Manager Fred Hansen will be going to Australia to consult with them about how to improve their public transportation system. Seriously, this is not the first time that I have been left standing on a MAX platform waiting for a train that never arrives. And this is not just because of the early hour. I have waited for trains at all hours and for no apparent reason they will just randomly not arrive at the scheduled time.

So now I’m thinking to myself, do I chance it and hope that the next scheduled MAX shows up because if it does then I still have a chance to get to work on time or do I just get on my bike and ride all the way into work, which isn’t a big deal but due to the distance it means that I will most likely be late. I admit, I was lazy so I waited and luckily the next train pulls up early and departs early and I make it to work on time. But give me a break, don’t post a schedule if you can’t adhere to it.


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