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The Spoke Broke

Broken Spoke On Lemond

Broken Spoke On Lemond

I remember hearing the metallic ping but when I looked down I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and the Lemmy wasn’t handling any different from normal so I just kept riding.  That was yesterday afternoon on my ride home from work.  This morning was the same as any other.  I went out the door with my bike and rode up the street to 7-11 to get my fix of Rockstar.  Again, nothing out of the ordinary in regards to how the bike was handling the rode so I didn’t think much about what had happened yesterday.  I did my business inside of 7-11 and when I came out and was walking my bike to the street I heard that metallic pinging sound again.   This time I made a closer inspection of the frame and wheels and sure enough, broke spoke.

I was at the halfway point of my commute and I had to decide whether or not to ride to the MAX and just go to work and deal with this later, or turn around and ride home and then swap bikes.  There was no real damage to the tire or wheel so I took a chance and continued on to the MAX.  So there you have it, another thrilling day of commuting by bike.  Luckily I have extra spokes at home so this will be an easy repair.


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