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Velo Arthouse On CafePress

We have just launched a new store on CafePress.  Velo Arthouse offers many unique designs, many of them cycling inspired and all of them original.  Head on over and check it out.


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The Spoke Broke: Aftermath

The Lemond suffered from a broken spoke which at first left me feeling quite distraught, like having an injured child.  I had already ridden several miles on that wheel and my biggest fear that it was going to warp.  Yesterday I went to work replacing the spoke and afterward I was quite pleased when I realized that it only took a few adjustments to true the wheel.  Now I am back in business, the Lemmy is 100% and rode like a dream today.  Thank god I am a pack rat and tend to collect old bike parts so that they can be used again in the future.

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Rolling Through The ‘Burbs

The Lemmy at 7-11

The Lemmy at 7-11

The dog days of summer are still around and when you live in the ‘burbs there is not a lot you can do to pass the time when the temperature stays up in the 80’s even as the sun is setting.  It sort of makes you wish for a bike friendly neighborhood pub where you could roll into and cool off with a nice microbrew.  But that ain’t happening so I make the ride to the next best thing, actually it is not the next best thing but rather the only other option available to me.  That’s right, 7-11.

So I climb on the Lemmy and pedal my ass down the street and for once it’s kind of peaceful and refreshing because there’s hardly a car in sight which is unusual for this neighborhood.  I roll into the parking lot and up to the door and then proceed to browse the fine selection of chilled beverages.  It turns out that this is not a night for beer but rather a Rockstar.  Oh how I love thee.  Refreshing and full of energy!  7-11 is running a sale, 2 for $4 and who am I to pass up such a bargain?  So I pay the clerk and stash the cans in my backpack and get ready to head home.  Not every trip is an adventure and my evening concludes with this post.  Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to roll through the ‘burbs on my Lemmy.

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