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Rolling Through The ‘Burbs Again

The heat radiating off the asphalt in every direction, the relentless traffic and noise.  This is it, this is suburban cycling.  Riding on the great black expanse of road, nary a tree in sight and always on the lookout for that driver who is chatting on his cell phone.  Talk about living life on edge, the urban core has nothing on the suburban cyclist.  We ride amongst the worse traffic there is, Joe Average who is just focused on getting home and planting his fat ass in front of the television.  These drivers aren’t looking out for bicycles, they are concentrating on that evenings network lineup or pay-per-view event.  When you climb on your bicycle in the suburbs you had better be focused and prepared to dodge.  Bike lanes be damned, these drivers will casually cross into the bike lane or shoulder of the road and then swerve back again like nothing happened.  Intersections become potential kill boxes for the cyclist who lets his guard down.  So come out to the suburbs and bike the mean streets with us.


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Safety and Accountability

I am a dedicated bicyclist.  I live and breathe cycling.  Whenever I hear about an incident involving a bicycle and another vehicle, I cringe and my heart goes out to the rider and their family because I know that in a collision the bicycle will always lose.  I am on my bike just about every day of the year and I commute by bike so I have seen my fair share of bad drivers on the road.  In all fairness though, I have also seen my fair share of irresponsible bicycle riders.  People who flout traffic rules and toss common sense to the wayside.  Whenever I read about an accident involving a cyclist and a vehicle I see the two sides square off, the cyclists versus the drivers, each pointing the finger at each other.  The level of contempt that each side has for the other is disturbing.  Rather than take sides I choose to point out that anyone who chooses to use the public roads for any reason, needs to practice safety and accountability.  In my opinion, both cyclists and drivers, need to be responsible when you are on the road.

I have seen more than one cyclist who fails to stop at an intersection even when traffic is heavy and I have seen plenty of drivers who fail to signal a right turn.  All of us, at one time or another, has bent or broken a traffic rule.  Sometimes it is simple ignorance and other times it is due to an unforseen distraction.  Nobody is perfect.  Rather than going to war or harboring deep resentments against each other, let’s just remember to pay attention and make a genuine effort to follow the rules of the road.  Drivers, when you see me on my bike why not give me the respect I deserve and allow me to share the road with you.  Most of us cyclists know how to behave in traffic and we are not looking for a confrontation with a ton of metal.  And to my cycling brethren, let us remember that it is not our place to judge a driver just because we choose to go by bike.  I’d love to live in a car free city but that just isn’t going to happen.  Cars are going to be a part of the landscape for the near future so pay attention and ride responsibly.

The message to everyone is simple, practice safety and accountability.

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